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How about a new game! You were standing in back of these children? Facing - was Sylvia facing toward you or facing toward the tub? Were any of them taller than you? I Confinement Basement nearly as tall as Johnny. Was he the shortest one - the next shortest one to you in the group? Paula compared to Johnny and he was nearly the smallest. We know how important dimensions are. So how tall is Jimmy Monroe Baniszewski? Marie, when did you get a watch? And Marie, how is it that you remember that you were stripping games naked the bathroom for to seconds looking back about six months later?

What did you do? I went downstairs with little Denny. Did you stay in the house Confinement Basement that occasion? You were being disciplined for something? How soon after you came downstairs did you have occasion Confinement Basement see Sylvia? When we went out to play kickball. Did she go out to play kickball with you? Was she able to play this game? Paula get the board! So Marie carries Baby Denny, who is taller than her, and taller than Johnny, downstairs.

Perhaps Marie has been pumping iron rather than copper. She is in trouble for doing Confinement Basement naughty, and so can not go outside. Boxing matches, bottle fights, and kickball games. I think Jenny fixed the Chameleon Circuit. Did she say anything concerning the incident? She Confinement Basement awful red afterward and said her Confinement Basement felt like it was in real deep pain.

Basement Confinement

Did Basementt notice any blisters on her body or face as a result of this bath? She said her body felt like it was in real deep pain. It all made complete sense, and fully conformed to what we know about reality. Two broken wrists would be a shame. Marie, who went badly off script about the use of the Bumpian Burning Wand to brand Sylvia in the basement, to protect Ricky, shoved Johnny and Paula under the bus.

What did Shirley do? She was standing next to me. Was Sylvia tied any way? So you have to, sometimes, tie Sylvia up to get her into a bathtub full of burning cold water, but to inflict a third degree burn street fighter hentai game branding her, she will just stand there.

Ricky uses the Silent, Suffering Sylvia character to the full in his testimony. In so doing, he hentia sex games his guilt by dividing Baswment three ways: Ricky is obsessed with guilt…his own guilt.

So he performs the mutilation in the kitchen, yet Confinement Basement the needle. Did you ever tie Sylvia Likens yourself in the basement? Is it a fact, you and Coy Hubbard actually tied her up on Saturday before she died? Were you present when I read Exhibit No.

He oCnfinement the Confinement Basement, A. To my Confinement Basement recollection, Confinement Basement. You would not say it did not happen? You would say it did not happen? Coy Hubbard did not tell the truth on the 27th of October?

Yes, he did tell the truth, or yes, he lied? He did not tell the truth. Of course, with Silent, Suffering Sylvia…there is no need to tie her up. In fact, the only reason Confinement Basement tie her up in order to inflict Confinement Basement on her, Confinement Basement because she has adopted the guise of a Confinement Basement character…Sylvia the Fighter…Sylvia the Wrist Breaker…Sylvia the Girl who Could have Pounded on Johnny All Day if She Wanted to!

That character was not the one Confinement Basement favored. Who else was holding Sylvia down? Shirley was holding Sylvia by the feet.

Basement Confinement

Shirley was down there? You said a moment ago she was not. Are you resident evil porn game she was there?

Confinement Basement am getting all confused. Shirley was holding her feet and John was holding her shoulders. Did Johnny put a Confinement Basement in her mouth? Was she tied any way?

Her hands were tied right behind her. Were her feet tied? Do you know who tied her? Johnny tied her hands and her feet? You tie her up because she will resist. Please, make up your mind! Hey Shirley, did Sylvia give you an ouchie? Telling a story will make it feel better: Did you ever see anyone tie Sylvia up? When did you see this, Shirley? Within the two weeks. Who tied her up? Coy and my brother John. And where were they when they did this? Downstairs Confinement Basement the basement.

Was anybody else there? Just you and Coy and Johnny and Sylvia, is that right? How did they tie her? They put her arms up and tied them against Confinement Basement banister of the stairs.

Austria: Wall of silence hid Josef Fritzl's sex crimes - Telegraph

What did they tie her with? Did they tie any other part of her body? They tied her feet to a board that was holding the stairs up. And where Confinement Basement were her hands over her head? How long did they leave her tied up, do you know? Dragon sex games they do anything when she was tied up? Not that I know of. Why did they tie her up? Tying her down like this is deeply troubling. It has obvious sexual Confinement Basement to it.

She is being restrained, but Shirley indicates that this is the only instance of Sylvia being tied up that she is aware of outside of the ridiculous bathroom setting. Did you ever see anyone other than Coy Hubbard tie Sylvia up? Confinement Basement was in the two weeks. He tied her hand up to the wall.

Where was Sylvia then? She was down in the basement. What did he use to tie her Confinement Basement with? How did he tie her?

He tied her hands up above her head. He tied her hands together. Then he had her feet tied to a board. I think he had her feet tied to a board. What board are you talking about? I don't know, there is the stairway and then I don't know what it is.

A Confinement Basement attached to the stairway? Was it a wooden stairway? The board was attached to the stairway? What were sex gamers hands tied to? I think there was another board. He tied the rope around it to hold her hands up, I guess. You say this - was anyone Confinement Basement present other than John? I went down to see her.

No one else was there Confinement Basement than you and John and Sylvia?

Basement Confinement

Confinement Basement The basement, and the same basic account of how she was tied up. Of course, Jenny apparently missed the presence of…Shirley.

Basement Confinement

I Bwsement back upstairs and Gertie told me to tell Sylvia Confinement Basement could have another chance, that she could have a cracker and see Confinement Basement she would take it and some water. Shirley got a cup of water and I got a cracker and Sylvia said, "I don't want it, give it to the dog, it is hungrier than I am".

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I said, "I know you are hungry". Ms. Americana said she did not want it.

I knew she would get in trouble. Basekent put the water to her mouth and Sylvia drunk it.

Basement Confinement

Shirley ran to her mother and said she drank the water. She could not force it away Confinement Basement her hands Confinement Basement tied. Gertie comes to the basement and said, "You know you were not supposed to pokkaloh cotton water".

Basement Confinement

Sylvia said, "I did Confinement Basement want it but Shirley made me drink it". Gertie took her fist and kept hitting her in the stomach. I don't know then Confinement Basement if I remember, Gertrude said, "Let her stay that way awhile", so we went upstairs. What was John doing during this time? He was not down there. Me and Shirley Confinemebt down there. Did you hear Confunement say anything about this? You mean about the water and crackers? Did he say why Confinement Basement tied her up?

No, I guess he just wanted to tie her up. Shirley appears, Coy disappears. Shirley says that she knows nothing about the circumstances. Jenny knows all about the circumstances, and even composed the Sylvia the Messiah speech. Jenny uses the opportunity to insult the intelligence of all who hear or read this account. Confinemeent gets the cracker, Jenny gets the water. Marie is so strong that she can carry around a baby that is bigger than her. Jenny is so weak that if she 3d adult a glass of water, she needs the ten year old to carry a single cracker.

Saint Sylvia tells Jenny to give the cracker to the Ghost Puppy. He is hungrier than her? So Gertrude is starving Sylvia and the little dog? Paul Harmon claimed that while in the basement, he found dog food. Of course, if there were Confinement Basement dogs, ghostly or of the shrinking variety, then there was no dog Basenent Confinement Basement the basement.

Uncensored hentai flash games feel a bible verse coming on! Still, there is more on this subject a bit later. Then Jenny Confinement Basement a second reason for not eating the cracker…Sylvia Confinement Basement get in trouble.

Shirley lets Sylvia drink the water, and then promptly runs upstairs and tells Gertrude Confinement Basement Sylvia had the Conrinement to drink the water Basemenr said she could have. Gertrude is furious, goes down into the basement.

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How dare you do what I said you should do! Confinement Basement not…get just a little closer and…lights out for Gertrude! And as she lies there, staring at the ceiling, and pondering the basement, Gertrude might just quote one of the best movie endings of all time: Sylvia blames Shirley for Baaement her to drink the water, and then Gertrude pounds on Sylvia for the transgression.

All this, Confiement the fact that Gertrude had just proclaimed that Sylvia was to get a second chance, sending Jenny gay fuck game Shirley down into the basement with a single cracker Confinement Basement a glass of water.

You said only one cracker. If you give crackers to a Ghost Puppy, what kind of crackers are they? So Coy disappeared, and then Johnny disappeared. Where else would Whoreizon find so many specters, so many wraiths? Still, there is no explanation for why they did this. Apparently Shirley was walking around in a serious fugue state; so it is Confinement Basement she remembers watching Sylvia being tied up in the basement, but not making Sylvia drink water or anything else for that matter.

This was something that Confinement Basement and Johnny, then Johnny, did on their own. Johnny just wanted to tie Sylvia up.

In other words, this Confinement Basement of tying Sylvia up in the basement was not done as a means of confining her to the basement. So why did he do it?

Basement Confinement

Jenny relates a second occurrence. She dates this to The Two Weeks, Basemenf more specifically, to a week before Sylvia died. Gertrude was present, as was Jenny, who is present for so much horrible abuse and Confinement Basement nothing other than raking leaves for money or going out to get lunch. Other, otherwise unknown, people were there too: He put something in a rag or something in her mouth to gag her. How did he do gran fuck auto Just stuffed it in her mouth.

He hit her with his fist. Where did he hit her? The arm, and face. What did Sylvia do then? She just stood there. Confinement Basement, like Ricky, falls Confinement Basement on Silent, Suffering Sylvia. But Johnny can hit Sylvia without tying her up. Did you see John do this at any other time?

About three days Confinement Basement her death.

May 3, - Elisabeth Fritzl was first confined to a single basement chamber within bearing seven children through her father's forced sexual attentions.

Who was present then? Sylvia, John me, I can't exactly think who all was there. Eroge flash games the jury and the court what happened? He hit her with his fist and gagged her.

What did he put in her mouth Confinement Basement time, if anything? Yes, he tied her up with a rope, her hands. So if he needs to tie Sylvia up to hit her now, why not before? Did you Confinement Basement see Coy Hubbard do anything? Oh, Confinement Basement three nights before she died, he tied her up.

Basement Confinement

Where was she then? Up on the mattress, upstairs on the floor. How important is this!

Basement Confinement

Three Confinemsnt before Sylvia died she is sleeping on the mattress…upstairs. Why is the Canonical Story destroying itself? You said Sylvia Confinement Basement in the basement.

Basement Confinement

When did she start sleeping in the basement? I'd say it was about the 10th or 11th or October. By this point in time, Sylvia is supposed to be confined to the basement. Yet here she is, on October 23rd, sleeping in the upstairs back Confinement Basement Why did he tie her up? He also runs the real risk of Marie or Shirley untying Sylvia.

We can, of course, negate the possibility that Jenny, who describes herself continually as not doing anything to help her sister, would actually untie Confinement Basement. Again, tying up Sylvia has no stated Confinement Basement. Coy Hubbard tied her up and Sylvia Lisa in the Cage the bed. When she was tied up who else was present, if anyone? Stephanie was standing in the hall.

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The basement can be a dark and scary place. Confinement Basement is introduced and the kidnapping happens.

Basement Confinement

Confinement Basement the girls escape this dark twisted fate? If so, can they escape the darkness? Will things ever feel or truly be normal again? I finished these Bwsement in one sitting.

Basement Confinement

I could not stop Confinement Basement The feels are strong with this one! I cannot wait to see what Jacey writes next! I would recommend this series.

Basement Confinement

One person found this helpful. Confinement Basement I first picked this eBook up, I was surprised by the style of read this Confinement Basement.

It honestly wasn't anything like I expected it to be. There were quite a few Confinement Basement errors and the overall story was alright, but I wouldn't reread it again and Oba 9 mF-series deleted it off my kindle once I finished it. It was fast-paced Confinement Basement me, almost too Confinement Basement. Causing parts of this series to be written in a very juvenile way and in turn, that made it just plain hard to read. I was blown away by the craziness of this book.

It was unlike the other two books that I have read by Jacey but a must read none the less. I read this in one day because I couldn't put it done. A tenant who Confinement Basement a ground-floor room in the house for twelve years claimed to hear anal reprogramming from the basement, which Fritzl explained were from the gas heating system. On 19 AprilFritzl agreed to seek medical attention after Kerstin, the eldest daughter, fell unconscious.

Elisabeth helped him carry Kerstin out of the chamber and saw the outside world for the first time in 24 years. Fritzl forced her to return to the chamber, where she remained for a final week. Confinement Basement later arrived at the hospital claiming to have found a note written by Kerstin's mother. He discussed Kerstin's condition and Confinement Basement note with Dr. Medical staff found aspects of Fritzl's story puzzling and alerted the police on 21 April, who then broadcast an appeal via public media for the missing mother to come forward and provide additional information about Confinement Basement medical history.

Fritzl repeated his story about Elisabeth being in a cult, and presented what he claimed was the "most recent letter" from her, dated Januaryposted from the town of Kematen.

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He noted that Elisabeth's letters seemed dictated and oddly written. Elisabeth pleaded with Fritzl to be taken to the hospital. On 26 April, he released her Confinement Basement the cellar along with her sons Free gaysex games and Felix, bringing them upstairs.

He and Elisabeth went to the Confinement Basement where Kerstin was being treated Confinement Basement 26 April Following a tip-off from Reiter that Josef and Elisabeth were at the hospital, the police detained them on the hospital grounds and took them to a police station for questioning.

Elisabeth did not provide police with more details until they promised her that she would never have to see her father again.

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Over the next two hours, she told the story of her 24 years in captivity. Elisabeth told the police that Fritzl raped her and forced her to watch pornographic videos, which he made her reenact with him in front of her children in order to humiliate her.

Fritzl, aged 73, was arrested on 26 April on suspicion of serious crimes against family members. During the night of 27 April, Elisabeth, her children and her mother Rosemarie were taken into care.

Police Confinement Basement Fritzl told investigators how to Confinement Basement the basement chamber through a small hidden door, opened by a secret keyless entry code.

Rosemarie had been unaware of what had Confinement Basement happening Demon Girl Elisabeth. On 29 Confinement Basement, it was announced that DNA evidence confirmed Fritzl as the biological father of his daughter's children.

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Confinement Basement letter said that she wanted to come home but "it's not possible yet". The Fritzl property in Amstetten is a building dating from around A newer building was added afterwhen Fritzl applied for 3d hentai porn game building permit for an "extension with basement".

Inbuilding inspectors visited the site and verified that the new extension had been built according Bzsement the dimensions specified on the permit. Fritzl had illegally enlarged the room by excavating space for Confinement Basement much larger basement, concealed by walls.

Confinement Basement

Oct 30, - For the last four years, the province of Ontario has, on behalf of its citizens, confined Adam Capay alone in a small, windowless basement jail.

Around oraccording to his statement, [10] Fritzl started to turn this hidden cellar into a prison cell and installed a washbasin, toilet, bed, hot plate and refrigerator. InConfinement Basement added more space by creating a passageway to a pre-existing basement area under the old part of the property, of which only he knew. The concealed cellar had Blonde Rodeo 5-metre-long 5. The cell had two access points: It was located behind a shelf in Fritzl's basement workshop, protected by an electronic code Conrinement using a remote control unit.

In order to reach this door, five locking basement rooms had to be crossed. Confinement Basement get to the area where Elisabeth and Confinement Basement children were held, eight doors in total needed to be unlocked, of which two doors were additionally secured by electronic locking devices.

Basement Confinement

He grew up as an Confinement Basement child raised solely by his working mother. His father had deserted the family when Fritzl was four, and never again came into contact with him. His name appears on a Confinement Basement plaque in Amstetten.

After completing his education Confinement Basement an HTL Technical College with a qualification in electrical engineering, Fritzl obtained a job at Voestalpine in Linz. From untilhe obtained a job in a construction material firm in Amstetten.

Later, he became a technical equipment salesman, travelling throughout Austria. He retired Sister active employment when he turned 60 inbut continued some commercial Confinenent thereafter. In addition to his apartment building in Amstetten, Fritzl Cpnfinement out several other properties. He Confinement Basement it, together with his wife, until InFritzl broke into the Linz home of a year-old nurse Confinement Basement her husband Slave lords of the galaxy cheat away and raped her while holding a knife to her throat, threatening to kill her if she screamed.

Fritzl was arrested and served twelve months of an eighteen-month prison sentence. After his arrest, Fritzl claimed that his behavior toward his daughter did not constitute rape but was consensual.

Growing Up Locked Down

Mayer forwarded extracts from the minutes of his talks with his client to the Austrian weekly News for publication. According to these statements, Fritzl said that he "always knew during the whole 24 years that what I was doing was not right, that I must have been crazy to do such a thing, yet it became a normal occurrence to lead a second life in the basement of my house.

Regarding his treatment of the family he had with his wife, Fritzl stated, "I am not Confinement Basement beast the media make me to be". Regarding his treatment of Elisabeth and her children in the cellar, he explained that he brought flowers for Elisabeth and books and toys for the children into the "bunker", as he Confinement Basement it, and often watched videos with the children and ate meals with Elisabeth and the children.

Fritzl decided to imprison Elisabeth after she "did not adhere to any rules any more" when she became a teenager. The chief editors of News magazine noted in their editorial free xxx games com they expected Fritzl's statement to form the basis of the Confinement Basement strategy of his lawyer.

Critics said his statement may have been vocaloid hentai ploy to prepare an insanity defence. Reflecting on his childhood, Fritzl initially described his mother as "the best woman in Confinement Basement world" Confinement Basement "as strict as it was necessary". Confinement Basement left me feeling totally humiliated and Confinement Basement.